Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yes We Can!

Get out the vote. Talk to everyone you know. This race will be close, very close. Do you want 4 more years of McBush? Our country, our world can't afford it. Let's have something to celebrate come November. Get out the vote!


Robin said...

Bobbi...this is big excitement in my neck of the woods! Delaware is one of those places where everybody knows everybody else, and we'll ALL met Biden. He's a good man and the speeches yesterday were so inspiring! Maybe this can be an administration that will Be the Change!!!

Bobbi said...

Robin: it's a big deal in my neck of the woods too. I missed the Saturday speeches but saw clips. This week I'm planning my kickboxing classes around the convention speeches. I'm glued to the set. Kennedy and Michelle were great!

ib mommy said...

We saw Obama speak at my daughter's high school last week. He was quite charismatic! This is an exciting year for us here in Virginia as hopes are our state will swing Democratic.