Monday, August 18, 2008

News Flash: Husband Wants Tomato Plants, Film at 11

While I was wandering the stalls at the Sustainable LA event downtown yesterday next to Disney Concert Hall, Mr. Local was picking up Local 2 from 8 weeks at camp. Since he'd also gone to that camp, whenever he retrieves her, we have to hang out so he can relive his youth and recount the same stories each summer. Really, it's quite darling.

This year he brought along Local 1, who's home from her college internship, and Local Poodle and wandered into the camp's vegetable garden. They all tasted some tomatoes, well, not the dog.

So we congregate back home later in the day, along with a 16-year-old girl's mound of laundry, don't ask, I'm drowning. And what does Mr. Local want to know? Would I mind if he grew some tomato plants? Then, later in the evening, he asked 'what was that you said about composting?'

Inside I was going: yes, yes, yes! But outside I just answered sweetly, "Oh honey, why don't I show you some of the handouts I brought back from the festival."


PS: Speaking of Sustainable LA, I have lots to tell throughout the week. It drew a core, manageable crowd and the booths and panel discussions were informative. I didn't stay for 'Flow', a major screening, or watch the short documentaries but I'm sure they were good too. And the contrast of sustainability, downtown LA, the Music Center and the Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry made for a visual treat. And yes, I did wear The Ugly Hat. A visual treat? Not so much.

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