Friday, August 22, 2008

Tikkun Olam Fridays - repairing the world one small step at a time

Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada
©2008 Bobbi Rubinstein

Every Friday I’m going to post on the concept of tikkun olam. It means ‘to repair the world’. The nice thing about tikkun olam is what Rabbi Tarfon, a sage of the first century AD says: you don’t have to finish the job, but it is your responsibility to start.

What did you do this week to repair the world? What one little thing, or big thing, did you do to make a difference?

This is what I’d like to share …

I like to pick up freebies. I LOVE handouts. Free newspapers in cities I’m visiting, local magazines – green or otherwise, articles at conferences. Sure it’s a lot of paper – and I’m really drowning in paper at the moment – but I just love to read short pieces. (As a kid, I read the World Book Encyclopedia for fun – what an info geek!)

So when I found that someone had started a green magazine for the Conejo Valley/Ventura County area, I was really excited. Green Home and Family Magazine. This was one freebie I grabbed and saved.

After a few issues, I realized that while I could pick it up at the libraries around town, it was an organization I wanted to get behind. The writing was solid, and it was getting the word out to the region and covering events.

So this week I signed up for a subscription. Small thing, for sure, but no one but me would have known I was reading it every month, free of charge, and not giving anything back. Like listening to your local NPR station and never subscribing. (Mea culpa there.)

The sands of summer are falling away – savor them this weekend with family and friends.

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