Sunday, October 26, 2008

News Flash - Report from the Trenches

My uncle and aunt live in South Florida. You know, Sarah Silverman Country, the Big Schlep, bubbie and zayda land. They called to tell me they got the Obama bumper stickers I picked up for them in Nevada. Not that they couldn't get some in Florida. I just wanted to make sure I did my part for getting the word out to the altercockers (look it up on Wikipedia!)

So the news from the front is that the early voting lines are so long that my family couldn't get into the library just to pick up a few books. That's what my uncle told me. So where was my aunt? At Obama headquarters picking up a few buttons. And the stickers? Well my uncle is putting his on his scooter! Is that too cool?! He's going to whiz around the senior citizen complex, to the bank, to the market, canvassing for Obama.

2008 won't be a replay of 2000 if my family hasn't anything to say about it!


Green Bean said...

Awesome! Keep up the good work Bobbi!! Less than a week to go.

Natalie said...

Yay! I just phoned my 87 year old Grandmother today with the express purpose of talkin' politics. She lives in MO, which also appears to be a swing state. Although not a racist, G-ma's views tend to be a bit antiquated. So I did expect a bit of push back on Obama from her. A bit of coded reluctance. (I was willing to resort to all out begging if necessary.) To my grand surprise, G-ma thinks he's "The One". And it turns out that G-ma has also been nudging her friends in the same direction! Double yay!!

Bobbi said...

Ladies, today is Monday, Nov 3 and I'm nervous. Somebody talk me down!