Friday, July 18, 2008

Gray Hair Versus Dead Baby Penguins

This afternoon my hairdresser, in the middle of coiffing me, asked if I’d be willing to pony up more greenbacks for environmentally friendly hair dye. Would I be willing to save not only the earth but my scalp too, for nearly twice as much money as I’m currently paying for a cut and color?

Well, this is not an easy question to answer.

I know that I can’t possible be doing good things to my skin with the hair dye I’ve been applying for the last 2 decades. Just spending 3 hours in the salon gives me a headache. For the sake of a few gray hairs and really mousey, blah hair, I’m destroying my scalp, my lungs and the few decent brain cells I have left.

I snip out the gray hairs after every color job anyway. Jeez, they’re so resilient that the dye doesn’t take. So which is it – mousey versus money versus Russian roulette with Golden Locks #4?

I told her to keep me posted. Maybe sign up everyone in the salon and do a Wall-Mart volume number to bring the price down and get back to me.

True, it’s exciting to think that everywhere you turn, people are talking about saving the earth from their own little corner of the world. But I want to save money too. If anyone ever told me I’d get brain cancer from this goop, I’d just resign myself to Minnie Mousehood. For now, my next appointment is in 12 weeks.

Which makes me want to revisit the L’Oreal tagline - do I not think I’m worth it? Like I said, not an easy question to answer.

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